Trending Matters Function on Cultural Press Networks

Burberry Prorsum

It was the reveal that got everybody talking, Burberry Prorsum. Christopher Bailey took Burberry Prorsum in a new way with new patterns, colors and looks that he has not made for a while. The series was clear and working well together with just one more new way for the trench coat. The catwalk was used in a tent by Albert Memorial in Kensington Gardens with a fascinating soundtrack including Adele’Somebody Like You ‘. Colors at Burberry Prorsum involved red, teal, red and olive. Facts involved high fastenings and tall collars on trench coats. A black and white look made an appearance which complimented the prior bright colors and meant commercially there clearly was anything for everyone. Versions used dark software large heel leather sneakers with a continued effect of Spring Summertime 2011 development of wedges.The finale of Burberry Prorsum was magnificent with phony snow raining down on the catwalk. Versions walked the finale in transparent macs – they are what are on everybody’s wishlist for Autumn Winter 2011-2012!

Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane’s Autumn Winter 2011 2012 series exhibited at London Style Week was encouraged by school nostalgia from pen cases to lollipops. The series is to be known at the’water series’that will be about wearable and innovative clothes. The initial looks involved greens, browns and popular news turquoise with pen skirts and cardigans and the inclusive of crochet pieces. The water effect seemed in the form of pockets and areas of collars created from pieces of plastic and waistbands emphasized with wave shaped pieces of plastic. Extras involved plastic clutch bags matching the substance plastic effects. The final looks were more transparent and delicate with smoother tones being used.

Holly Fulton

Displaying the most effective of new British style skill at London Style week was Holly Fulton success of NEWGEN sponsorship. Holly Fulton quickly became a trending subject on Facebook with people enhancing her first orange and dark tweed look, artwork deco encouraged clothes and her trademark geometric prints. Versions did battle to go inside their uber high heel shoes with one product being forced to get hers off throughout the catwalk. The utilization of high components and jewellery with studded detailing was gorgeous. Holly Fulton prints involved baroque swirls, artwork deco cityscapes on cotton trousers and maxi dresses. Trousers and a maxi dress offering a replicate’top printing’sample got style readers talking. However Holly Fulton’s simple dark velvet dress was just as captivating. With Samantha Cameron in the leading strip, Holly Fulton’s Autumn Winter 2011 2012 catwalk got everyone’s close of approval.

Home Of Holland

With everybody recalling last season’s pompom earrings we could not wait to see what James Holland had created this Autumn Winter 2011 2012 season. Home Of Holland is always loud and statement creating yet it always has a sexy perspective and somehow Holland did it again with Granny Stylish! The pompom earrings were changed with huge pearl hoops by Katie Hillier. Holland said “Our lady is also small to wear a treasure pendant so we beaded them on to her dress and caused it to be sexy “.To add to the pearls were tweeds and bingo ball prints! Every item had Holland’s trademark design and humour. Striking, block colors were created together including fuscia red mid length dress with field pleats (a look of a cotton slip underneath), red blazer and pink shirt. Like Christopher Kane, James Holland also involved crochet pieces in to his Autumn Winter 2011 2012 series however in a different way. Holland created crochet cami covers with printed crochet tights. Holland continued the socks and sneakers development with large heel court sneakers and stripy foot socks.

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