In the world of aftermarket (or aftermarket), tailor- made seal kits are one of the main consumptions of components. Among the users are all the manufacturers of industrial vehicles, and of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. In this Aftermarket activity, the importance of the needs has led these large consumers of gaskets, all sectors combined, to obtain their supplies from a large number of suppliers, thus multiplying the references of gaskets sold at retail and gathered in a pocket.

Faced with the cumbersome nature of this organization, it offers its skills platform as a single source of supply, thus greatly Seals Kit reducing the management of your retail seals and tailor-made seal kit for each dedicated application; we are experienced and quality of service merge for your daily efficiency.
The purpose of hydraulic Seals Kitis to comprise the solutions and preserve the hydraulic pressure (piston seal, rod seal, anti-extrusion ring), to stop the intrusion of impurities and to repeldistortion under radiated load by guiding the piston and the rod (guide ring, guide strip).Hydraulic seals Complete range of rod seals, piston seals, and wiper seals, guide rings for all areas of hydraulic applications and in all common sizes / Profiles adapted to internationally standardized housings / Development of personalized solutions. The piston seals, mainly used in hydraulic cylinders, must ensure fluid tightness under pressure between the piston and the bore.
We supports you in choosing the right profile, whatever the nature of the application; either through single-acting or double- acting piston seals.

We consume a comprehensivecollection of hydraulic seals and we furthermore support you in the development of tailor-made seals for linear and static hydraulic applications.
Praised today by the major players in these industry sectors in Europe, and everyone’s performance through a global offer of excellence:

• Global control of all production processes – compression molding of elastomers, injection molding of thermoplastics, machining of noble materials and tools and other integrated technologies.

• Source of confidentiality – each set of made-to-measure seals is intended for a single customer, due to knowledge of the specificities and technical constraints of each.

• Personalization of the kits – distinction right down to the packaging (with barcode, customer logo and all the elements required for full traceability).

• Total interchangeability – our expertise thus makes it possible to replace sealing systems with equivalent performance, taking into account ISO, DIN, JIS, etc.

• Maintenance on very old generation machines at very reasonable costs – the latter require seals today neglected by their quantitative weakness. Even minimal, we can produce these products.

• Completely integrated in the production of tailor-made tools – The manufacture of its own tools gives a unique expertise, particularly in the production of specific joints of complex shape according to the requirements of each of its customers and adapted part profiles to each plan or model provided.

• Integrated storage center and logistics platform – we guarantees remarkable responsiveness, thus ensuring the efficiency of the after-sales service of each of its customers in relation to their distribution networks.

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