The Activities of Bobby Ray – Album Evaluation

With a decade of street challenges and night team gigs behind him, Dallas rapper and hip-hop artist PonyPak is now a veteran in his field. His new CD launch, Phrases Are Energy: Size 1, is trailblazing an original design of Reputation music

PonyPak began DJ-ing and pairing house music videos when he was in the eighth grade. That early begin helped him develop a method that’s pure PonyPak: thought-provoking, non-violent and perceptive words set to the hottest defeats taken from Chi-Town. Supporters will not discover any profanity in PonyPak’s words. It is maybe not his style. Urban Intelligence may be the message he desires to communicate to his large subsequent, equally small and old. A current Channel 19 Entry performance in Dallas attracted a record amount of people ranging from university pupils to 30-somethnig professionals.

The 12 original tracks that produce up Phrases Are Energy: Size 1 are filled with organic credibility sheathed in hope. The starting track, This really is Dallas, pays respect to PonyPak’s home and their deep-rooted people. By calling out street names and neighborhoods and using jargon new rap albums 2020 like “area of the ballers and champagne callers,” he provides nod to the local scene. The usage of’mafia noise’and Spanish guitar can also be a gratitude to Chi’s rich record and diversity.

Slang-A-Ball is really a fact- based, slamming metropolitan plot about rising up in the darkness of hustling – the lure of selling dope tempered by understanding the consequences. Meanwhile, Mack Please fuses traditional punk with today’s sound. The reduce characteristics different tracks; each mixed with a verbal back scratch. The punk variation offers a relaxed character against a clean rap while the next half starts with a verbal back scratch that contributes to the renowned “diamond in the trunk, sunlight top prime, searching the scene with a gangster slim” vibe.

On Do not Damage’Em, PonyPak places the bass in see your face, replicating a heavy vehicle thumping overcome with’electronika’games in the background. They are used with cocksure words like as “My verbal neurotoxins ruin your body language, and rip apart paragraphs with musical anguish.” At one other end of the selection, Splash proves a display for deep house music from the subterranean appears of Dallas, featuring metropolitan rhyming with syncopated appears of previous school.

The True Mc Coy has a deep soul R&N noise merged with deep blues and a rap model that’s clean and engaging. On Splash II Remix, a thumping dance track merges with warm metropolitan rhyming words and metaphorical language and requires house music to some other level with a very good motif synthesizer and a natural keyboard dance sound.

Headz Up highlights PonyPak as MC company with a rock-influenced lead guitar and heavy drum makeup having an A Capella ending that increases the song’s uniqueness. Self-Control requires the listener deep into PonyPak’s philosophical words noticed over a west shore R&N sound. Meanwhile, Mack 2 shifts the temper to a Latin reggae dance character while Eternity retains that reggae character employing a great flow and an excellent usage of rhyme and alliteration with a monster baseline.

Number More presents believed provoking phrases in regards to the conflict in Iraq and the distress of the American people, specially the wives, partners, parents and children of dead soldiers. PonyPak characteristics the conflict with the violence, death, injustice and inequality in America (“Killings,killings,killings troops and civilians” and “One billion pounds to rebuild another place”). It is perhaps the most powerful track of the album. The ultimate reduce, fittingly highlights the CD’s subject and message: “Phrases Are Power.”

PonyPak is equally humbled by and pleased for the opportunity to possess his music noticed and his message spread. His purpose is to be part of the world’s music neighborhood that comes together to produce music about enjoy, hope, concern and respect for human life. “There will be a lot of suffering and suffering on earth,” he comments. “Music can take people to some other level of conscious existence.” He is adamant about his work being an artist as reflected in his four-point manifesto:

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